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Thread: Help me out to select best UNIV

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    Help me out to select best UNIV

    Hello friends......
    I got admits from these univs for MS in Mechanical Engineering.
    1) Univ of Texas - Arlington
    2) Univ of Alabama-Huntsville
    3) Univ of Michigan - Dearborn

    Please, suggest me the best univ by considering all the constraints like Indian students in Univ, Cost, Availability of part time jobs, Job opportunities after completion of MS......
    THANKS in advance....

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    Hello Ranjith,

    Here is our recommendations in following order of preference,
    1) Univ of Alabama-Huntsville
    2) Univ of Michigan
    3) UT-Arlington

    If you have further questions regarding university selection, reach out to us at ***********

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