Hi Everyone,

Two years of Exp @ TCS
Awarded for Excellence by Biz Excellence team.
GRE 313
TOEFL 99 (R 25, L 24, S 23, W 27)
Three Certifications (OCA, SCJP and OCJ WCD)
ACAD 75.7% (B Tech in Computer Science & Engineering)
10+2 94.1%
SSC 86.83%

As posted before I am planning to apply for universities where TA/RA jobs or Funding would be abundantly available for my profile, but not compromising on the image/brand of the university in the specialization (Computer Science).

Entirely depending on Loan (probably a max of 20L). Also, I heard so many members mentioning it would be difficult in many aspects to get admission with the requirements, I had, for spring intake. Hence, I just wanted to seek a final opinion/suggestion before I proceed with further formalities of applying for Spring 2014. Most of the universities I have been suggested have a deadline of July/August. Some of them does not accept spring admissions it seems. :-(

I think there is not enough time for me to go through the entire process so soon. It may seem to be a repeated query, but, could you please understand and help me by listing out a few of univs.