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Thread: Future prospects after pursuing MS in Mechanical Engineer (Design)?

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    Question Future prospects after pursuing MS in Mechanical Engineer (Design)?

    I am a Final Year Production Engineering student. I have now been placed as a Design Engineer in a US company manufacturing plastic components, with its R&D center in India. They are giving 1 year training & after that I will work for 1 more year. After that I plan to pursue Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering with specialization in Design Engineering. I have looked up on some of the Universities offering this course. After looking up at the syllabus I am confident that the education would definitely improve my knowledge & skills. However I am not much interested in doing hardcore research work (Although I don't know what would be called Research for a Design Engineer, any info on this regard?). I want to work as a Design Engineer not some research guy performing experiments.
    So I wanted to know what jobs are offered to such a Graduate in US?
    The problem is that I am unable to understand what exactly is expected from such a Graduate by employers?
    Any guidance on this topic would be very helpful for me.
    Thank You.

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    86 views but no reply?
    Come on seniors, please help your junior!

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    Hello Cooltiger,

    A design engineer usually ends up modeling aerospace or machine/automobile parts/assemblies using CAD software under the guidance of senior design engineers.

    Here is what i recommend,
    Try for internship position in some aerospace,automobile or machine design industry while pursuing your masters.This will expose you to the american corporate world and also give you a better idea of what exactly a company expects from design engineers. You will also get a chance to know about other mechanical engineering fields such as stress engineering,project engineering and lean manufacturing etc.which might interest you in future.

    If you have further questions on this topic. Please reach out to us at ***********

    All the best!!
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