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Thread: Profile Evaluation-Industrial Engineering MS in US

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    Profile Evaluation-Industrial Engineering MS in US

    Hi I'm Ashwin and i would like you all to evaluate my profile ...
    GRE-305(Verbal-151 & Quants-154)
    No work experience
    i would like to join for the spring 2014 term
    i am hoping for some aid as well and also please suggest some unis which are reasonably priced as i have some financial constraints and also would like it to be about 10-15 lakhs a year with all the living expenses etc..
    can you please help me out???
    If thats a stretch then i would like to know if getting a loan is viable ?? also how difficult is it to get an assistantship ??
    Please help........

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    Hi Ashwin,

    I have gone through your enquiry. We do have universities who offer MS in industrial Engineering. I will request you to contact us @ or call 011-42444884

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