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Thread: Got 7 Rejections and 1 Admit (All from Good/Ambitious Univs.) VI problem ?

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    Lightbulb Got 7 Rejections and 1 Admit (All from Good/Ambitious Univs.) VI problem ?


    MY Profile is: GRE-298(q-153,v-145)/ TOEFL-112/ Acad- 70% (3 backlogs cleared) B.Tech in Electrical Engg./ 3 Internships from PSU's/ Certificates/ Work Exp. 2 yrs(nearly) in IT MNC

    I had applied for MS in EE - Power Systems to:

    1. Iowa State University(Waiting)
    2. Mississippi State University(Reject)
    3. Kansas State University(Reject)
    4. Colorado State University(Reject)
    5. North Carolina State University(Reject)
    6. Washington State University (Reject)
    7. SUNY-Buffalo(Admit) (Thank God !)
    8. IIT-Chicago(Reject)
    9. NYU-Poly(Reject)
    10. CSU-LB (Waiting)
    11. West Virginia University (Waiting)

    Overall- 7 Rejects, 1 Admit and 3 Waiting

    I'm afraid that I would have a very big problem in getting VISA b'coz of huge number of rejects. On one hand some ppl say not to worry as they are all from Good Universities. I'm very much worried. Please suggest !

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    Even I have the same question? Anybody could suggest some ideas?

    If I applied 8 and got 1 admit and 7 rejects, Is it okay if I say that I applied to 6 Univs, 3 Rejects, 1 Admit and 2 Waiting. Eventually they won't able to find out how many univs we applied until we get Admit I20 right?

    If they ask why did I apply to Visa without waiting for other results, I could say that 'This is the best among the lot which I applied, so I didn't wait for other univ results'.. Is it a good reply?

    Please suggest how to handle this situation in Visa Interview.

    Thanks a lot.

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