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Thread: Profile Evaluation for MS in computer science..

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    Profile Evaluation for MS in computer science..

    Hello i have complete my B.Tech in 2012 from UPTU in Computer science, i had Year Back in My second Year( i started engg in 2007 and completed it in 2012) my overall percentage is 63.5% with no backlogs left now.
    I want to go for MS from USA and in FALL 2013 session, i have given my GRE and TOEFL exams, for which i did not prepare much...i want to know to which univ should/can i apply with these scores..
    Verbal Reasoning 134
    Quantitative Reasoning 148
    Analytical Writing 3.0
    total: 282

    Reading-------> 21
    Listening-----> 23
    Speaking-----> 20
    Writing------> 22
    total: 86

    I have applied in Shippensburg University and Frostburg University, are these fine?

    i have got my transcripts and will be sending them for evaluation ASAP (the WES site is down for maintenance at the moment)

    I have some certificates from NIIT and HP for php,java and .net language course and training letters, im preety good in programming and web designing, i have designed and developed two websites (out of which one is my college`s first website, but it has been changed now, but i have it online over the internet still today, its in PHP)
    Will these training letters n certificates help? and will my year back hurt me here??

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    hey man....did you get admit ??
    i'm also from UPTU and i'm facing problem with the transcripts Can you help me out with it??


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    Please categorize these universities for computer science...for my profile
    My GRE: 311( Q:160, V:151)
    TOEFL: 95(approx)
    GPA: 7.08
    10th: 83.35
    work experience: 2years
    1. university of illinios, chicago
    2. suny buffalo
    3,indiana university bloomington
    4. university of cincinnati
    5. stony brook
    6. michigan state university,east lansing
    7. university of minnesota,twin cities

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    1. university of illinios, chicago-ambi
    2. suny buffalo-ambi
    3,indiana university bloomington-reach
    4. university of cincinnati-mod/low chance
    5. stony brook-ambi
    6. michigan state university,east lansing-ambi
    7. university of minnesota,twin cities-ambi

    I would suggest you to add some safe options.

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