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Thread: Profile Evaluation/University selection/EE

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    Exclamation Profile Evaluation/University selection/EE

    Hello friends,
    my profile:

    1. EDU: B.Tech Electrical .>CPI: 6.2/10
    2. GRE score:1160 [V:360, Q:800], TOEFL: 89
    3. Interest: Control systems

    I already have applied to the universities I asked to evaluate previously ! viz.

    Arizona State University
    Colorado Boulder
    Stony Brook
    Houston main Capmus
    NYU Poly

    and received following results from some

    Syracuse >reject
    UTA > reject
    RIT >accept

    Now I am worried whether I went right or applied to all ambitious universities.
    As I wished good universities for my career....

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    Universities for MS in Control Systems

    You can expect admits from Houston main Capmus, NYU Poly
    For profile evaluation please add your Scores, Academics to your admission profile. If you have already applied please add the univ list. To Edit your profile visit

    University groups. If the univ group you are applying is not listed, please create a group by your own.

    Profile Evaluation for MS, PhD in USA | US University Rankings by Major for MS,PhD

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    MS in US Fresher
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    Thanks Ajay,
    And others are absolutely no for me?
    Is RIT good for EE (control systems)?
    ...they offered me $6000 scholarship (not enough)
    ...also heard of VISA problems for RIT...
    what do u think?

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