Please , look into my case and tell me what was the problems are and neccessary correction to be make cause i trust your verdict on this sir. I was refused F1 visa twice different years ,first was July 12th 2011 and second was January 16th 2013 both interviews was denied student visa both in US Embassy in Lagos ,Nigeria .

First Interview Info Below:-

Age 24

Interview Date :- July 12 2011
SAT year taken :- 05 /Dec / 2009
SAT Score :- 2090
High school graduated year :- May/June 2008
Diploma in Information Techolongy :- Nov 2008 - Dec 2010
Working Expericence :- Jan 2011 - June 2011 - presently
Institution :- Baylor University
I20 from Baylor University about :- $45000
Scholoarship :- $10,000
Applying for B.Sc Degree in Engineering General { 4years course}
I was unable to get the F1 visa , the VO took only my int.passport and I20 and asked few questions after few minutes he said to me i didn't have sufficient funds for education in the state without looking at my sponsor financial bank statement worth of millions of naira.

Second interview was after a year and six months break from the first F1 visa Interview i had back in July12th 2011 but i've to tell you this my document neccessary for scheduling of second F1 visa appointment came late from the school due to natural disasters that occurred in NewYork and other part of US late year which force me to scheduled for emergency appointment and i was able to scheduled for 16 Jan 2013 which was 5 days away from arrival date on my I20...could this be a factor of visa denial too ?

Second Interview info:-

Age 25

Interview Date January 16th 2013
SAT year taken 05 /Dec / 2009
SAT score 2090
High school graduated year 2008
Diploma in Information Techolongy :- Nov 2008 - Dec 2010
Working Expericence Jan 2011 - 2012 -2013 presently
Institution :- SUNY Canton { State University of New York College of Technology at Canton }.
I20 from SUNY University about :- $22500
Scholoarship :- $5,000
Applying for Associate Degree in Engineering Science { 2years course}

I was denied again but the VO was concern about my high school graduated year and he asked what i've been doing since my graduation year 2008 but my concern is i'm going for third time interview cause i asked SUNY to defer my admission to Fall 2013 but i'm worry cause i'm currently doing National Diploma programme after i was denied first F1 interview { 12 July 2011 } but i didn't mention that fact /info on my previous D160 online form for both my first and scond F1 interviews {Jan 16th 2013} cause i taught could have a negative influence on the outcome of the result because i'm yet to graduate from the National Diploma programme in May/June 2013 instead i included my working expericence{job} in my father computer engineering company 2011- Jan 2013.

My concern is that can i include that facts { National Diploma } on my 3rd F1 interview D160 form online in June 2013 ,i'll be graduating with ND in Engineering Mangement in May/June 2013 also i'll love to change my degree from Associate to B.Sc in Engineering Science, will all this change influence a positive outcome from my 3rd F1 interview ?

If you could offer a piece of advice to me ,what would it be to favour my circumstance sir ?......... Thanks you all , GOD Bless You All .