I am about to finish my undergrad in Mechanical Engineering from a top Indian institute with a cgpa of 7.5/10. I have decent extra-curriculars and nothing much on the technical side.
I want to apply for masters, what are my chances in different grad schools like Purdue, CMU, UCLA, UPenn, UMich(Ann Arbor),GaTech etc. I'm not very rigid about these particular schools, so please suggest others too.
As I want to apply next year, will doing a job for one year in automotive sector help my chances of admission? Since my cgpa is just average, and I dont have much of technical certifications/papers, I'm a bit apprehensive about the whole masters thing.
Can you please suggest other ways to improve my profile, like some internships('m ready to give up job for a good internship) or other things that can increase my chances of a good admit?
My GRE score is 330(Q-170,V-160, AWA-4) and TOEFL 115.