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Thread: How to Pass the F-1 visa even if you have multiple backlogs

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    How to Pass the F-1 visa even if you have multiple backlogs

    Hi guys

    I have read a lot of students who have backlogs and are afraid that they will be rejected their visas because of this. I am here to clear the air and let you know that even if you have 10 backlogs, you can still get your visa.

    If you have one backlog, you can always say you were sick during the day of your exam. Even if you have two backlogs, you can still say that the exams for the two courses fell on the same day and you were sick on that day. Please understand that I am not encouraging lying here, I am simply trying to help you get that visa that you need. Getting the F-1 visa with backlogs is no joke and you need to do whatever it takes to scale through this issue.

    For those of you with multiple backlogs, there is a way how you can explain for all these bad results. You see America is a country where students are actively encouraged to be creative,to think outside the box and even challenge the professor on what he says. I know this may sound strange to some of you but its the truth.

    Now to explain why you have multiple backlogs, tell the VO that all the courses where you had backlogs were courses where the lecturer did not encourage creativity. Tell the VO that the lecturers simply wanted you to cram all the classes they taught and that this affected your performance greatly because you are the type of student who loves creativity and likes to challenge the status quo. Read the following conversation.

    VO: Yes, I can see that you have 10 backlogs. Why is this so?

    YOU (with a confident look): Sir, I have always been a student who enjoys classes where I am asked to think deeply and be creative. Unfortunately, the classes where I had backlogs were those where creativity was not encouraged, instead we were forced to cram what the professor taught us. I really hate cramming and this affected my peformance. I know the professors in American schools encourage creativity and deep thinking and this is why I strongly believe that I will do very well in America.

    Did you see what just happened? You just gave a very valid reason for doing poorly in several classes. At the same time, you have dispelled any doubts the VO might have had about your ability to cope in America by explaining exactly why you believe you will do well. Remember to be bold and confident when talking. This is very very key. When you do all this, getting your F-1 visa with backlogs wont be a problem.

    Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

    Good luck
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    hi this is yashwanth ,

    I have 5 back logs in my graduation

    my profile GRE - 302(158/142/2.5) , TOEFL - 89 , % - 68 (5 backlogs) , Work exp. - 1 year in TCS

    Could you give me some tips for my visa interview

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