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Thread: Please suggest universities for my Profile: MS - Mechanical Engineering in US

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    Please suggest universities for my Profile: MS - Mechanical Engineering in US

    Hi All,

    I am Gopi from Hyderabad. I am planning to pursue MS - Mechanical/Industrial engineering in US. Here is my profile

    My GRE score is 306 (Q-160; V-146) and AWA-3 My TOEFL score is 95.
    I have a Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Osmania University, Hyderabad, India with an overall aggregate of 77%.
    I have won 1st prize in Acumen 2007, A national level technical symposium.
    Twice I was the organizer for Technical Fests in my college.

    I will have 6 years of relevant work experience by June 2013 in structural Design and analysis of Aero engine components.
    I have 2 Team of the month awards at office.

    I am looking for MS in Mechanical or Industrial Engineering in USA. Please suggest some good universities for my profile where I can get Fee waiver and TA/RA.

    Thanks and Regards,

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    Guys... Could you please tell me the universities that suit my profile

    Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (NY)
    NC State university
    Ohio state university
    Michigan State university
    Rutgers, state university of NJ
    University of Arizona-Tucson
    Arizona state university
    University of Florida
    Oklahama State university
    SUNY, Buffalo
    Clemson University
    Colorade State university
    University of Cincinnati
    University of Illinois, Chicago


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    There are various criteria to select a university.
    Rank, Location, Fees etc.
    Rank wise, Ohio State University is best and Colorado State University is lowest.
    Taking fees into account, Rensselaer, Ohio state, Rutgers, University of Arizona, University of Florida are too costly (for me at least).
    Rensselaer's total expenses will be $ 54000 per year. i.e. 27 lac per year.
    You have a very good advantage of 6 years of experience.
    TA/RA is very rare at the time of admission. You can get it after you join the university. So, you have to be prepared for 1-2 semesters.
    You may be knowing this, you should classify the universities into 3 categories. Ambitious, Within Reach, Safe.
    Ohio State University, Rensselaer, University of Florida fall into Ambitious category, according to me.
    Oklahoma State University, Colorado State University are in Safe category. (Both should accept you.)
    Others are within reach. Some will accept, some will reject.
    You should choose wisely because each application costs you Rs. 5000, on average. (Instead of Rutgers, Arizona State University, you can try Michigan Technological University. It has same rank as those and significantly less tuition fees. Plus, NO application fee!)

    Most of this would be redundant as you may have gathered the information. If you haven't or if you have any specific questions, please ask.

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    anibhide... thanks a lot for providing the information.

    What do you think would be ideal score to get into universities like...

    Texas A&M
    Texas Tech university
    University of Maryland
    University of Michigan

    Because these are rated as some of the best for Mechanical engineering.

    Thanks in advance

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    Hello Gopi,

    Purdue, Texas A&M have 2-3 campuses. Out of them, one is good (main). Others are of low rank.

    Purdue has 4 campuses. West Lafayette (main), Fort Wayne, Calumet, Indianapolis.
    Texas A&M has 2 campuses in USA. College Station (main), Kingsville.

    Iím telling this because, for main campuses, you need a good score (GRE 320, TOEFL >105, Engg 85%). For other campuses, you can get with your current profile.

    Please donít get me wrong, but GATech, UMich (Ann Arbor) are way too much high. People with papers published in magazines and solid recommendation get admitted there. Plus, UMich has fee of $ 60000 per year (Rs. 33 lac).

    Forget about Texas Tech and Colorado State University. If you want to do MS just for the sake of MS, then those are ok.

    As for Maryland, it has same rank as Ohio State University. So, it is slightly ambitious.

    I can give you the ranks and fees of the universities you asked.

    (rank) -Expenditure per year
    (5) UMich -$ 60k
    (6) GATech -$ 46k
    (9) Purdue -$ 42k
    (15) Texas A&M -$ around 30k
    (18) Maryland -$ 37k
    (165) Texas Tech -NA

    I suggest you to search for the course that you have experience. If you apply for any other course (say thermal or nanotechnology), your work experience will not help you.

    Donít hesitate to ask any further questions.

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