GRE 313 (1250 Prev Format of GRE) (v 480 Q 770 AWA 3.0)
TOEFL yet to give.
Have acquired three Certifications (OCA, SCJP and OCJ WCD)
Work Experience 2 Years by the time I would get admitted in a well reputed Organization, TCS.
ACAD 75.7% (B Tech in Computer Science & Engineering)
10+2 94.1%
SSC 86.83%

I am actually planning to apply for universities where TA/RA jobs or Funding would be abundantly available for my profile, but not compromising on the image/brand of the university in the specialization (Computer Science). I am planning to appear for TOEFL the following month (April 2013) and apply for Spring 2014.

Could you please help me by listing down the universities based on the criteria provided. It is great if the listing includes in depth detailing.

Thanks a lot in advance