I am Bhushan Kale and I understand this would be repetitive, but could you please evaluate my profile? I am utterly confused.


GRE 319 (v 156 Q 163 AWA 3.0)
TOEFL 102 (L 24 R 28 W 27 S 23)
ACAD 68% (B Tech in Computer Engineering)
10+2 81%
SSC 87.60%

plz evaluate these univ n tell me which ones are safe n mod

Georgia Tech
Virginia Tech
SUNY Buffalo
SUNY Stony Brook
Texas Austin
California State univ
Clemson Univ

I have 3+ years of experience in Accenture Services in a good Java based role. Have been a part of many extra curriculars in college days. Have volunteered for Teach India by Times of India. An active member of the Indian Railways Fan Club Association and have been interviewed by TOI for the same. An avid listener and learner of Indian classical music.

if there are any good univ's that match my profile plz kindly suggest them.. i want to do masters in cs

thank you..