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Thread: Fall 2013, applied 5, 2 rejects

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    Fall 2013, applied 5, 2 rejects

    I wish to apply for fall 2013. My profile is GRE 308 (q-163 v-145) , Toefl 101 ( r-24 w-22 l-27 s- 28), Acads ( B.E, mechanical, 69%, 4 backs -cleared). I have decent extra-curriculars including work experience in NGOs and also an internship abroad in marketing and social media relations. I also have a well crafted SOP. I have applied for 5 universities and got 2 rejects already.The universities I have applie for are-
    1 Clemson - Reject
    2 Oklahoma - Reject
    3 Suny Buffalo - waiting
    4 Univ of Houston, main campus - waiting
    5 Michigan Tech - waiting
    I wish to apply for a couple of universities more, please suggest me at the list at the earliest. The universities am looking for are
    1- UMKC
    2 University of south Florida
    3- University of Maryland, bailmore
    suggest me a few more, and also tell me my chances for the universities I have applied for.

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    Hi Saket,
    I think Michigan Tech and SUNY Buffalo should have made the decision. Because I got admit from Michigan Tech on 27th Feb and my friend got admit from SUNY on 3rd March. Do check with that.
    As for the universities, you can try:
    University of Cincinnati (But it has same ranking as SUNY Buffalo)
    University of Texas, Arlington
    Wayne State University
    Florida State University
    New Jersey Institute of Technology.

    My friend has similar profile like you and he has applied to these universities.
    Hope it helps.

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