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Thread: University Suggestions

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    University Suggestions

    My GRE Score 295 ( AWA: awaiting). IELTS 6.5-7 ( Expected). Suggest me some good universities for MS in United States for Fall 2013. Kindly suggest the universities whose deadlines are not yet closed now.

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    I would suggest you to apply for universities ASAP as u don't have much time left in your hand .... u didnt mentioned any thing about ur profile ..... i am not sure what kind of universities you are looking for and which major ...but here are few for MS in CS :

    Northwest missouri state University ...... dead line is july 1st and low tution fee
    NYIT not a great one but good for visa stamping and easy admission but expensive
    University Of Illinois ,Springfield ...... June 1st

    Out of all above i would strongly recommenr you to apply for Nothwest Missouri State University

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    hi,, please help me evaluating my profile:

    gre taken 5 days ago :295 (q:150, v:145), toefl yet to take.
    be in computer science (approx 61%).
    2 international publications in the related field + 2 national publications.
    Have presented 5-6 conferences and seminars and earned numerous programming and technical certificates. I am a computer freak.

    Please suggest some decent universities for me so i could finalize anything(for both fall 2013/spring 2014).
    Have reported scores to
    IIT, chicago
    Ok State U
    UIS and
    UT Dallas. How fit is my profile for these, also if anyone could tell me more info about IIT, Chicago basically for Computer sciences.
    Response requested.

    Any other good universities you recommend?
    Thanks and regards

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    Hi harsh you can get into good schools as per ur GRE score :

    Try applying for these schools

    Stevens Institute of Technology (They dont need GRE though) ...(Very Expensive)
    Northwest Missouri State University (Low Tution Fee)
    University Of South Florida
    University Of New Orleans
    George Mason University

    THese are few i know of google Universities with new GRE scores and thy have many list of schools falling inyour GRE score range .

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    look at below lists

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