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Thread: My gf left me coz my visa was rejected, plz help

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    Unhappy My gf left me coz my visa was rejected, plz help


    See i want to be very clear and straight forward. I need a reply to this message for sure. I am in a great need.

    I applied to 8 universities for fall 12 and got admit in 4. Choose Illinois State University for MS in Information Systems. Visa got rejected thrice. My gf's visa got approved in the 2nd attempt. My visa denials broke me and her as well. We were together for 4 years and now this much distance! I again applied for ISU for term spring 13. got admit, but visa again rejected. It was heartbreaking. Soon after 1 month my gf left me. she was tired of crying for me as i was not there with her. It broke me. I am still broken. I need a visa for sure. I have applied for the term summer 13 in illinois state university. My problem is visa interview. I want to crack it 100% this time else i don't know what i am gonna do. Currently living a gloomy and doomed life since past 8months. This visa is matter of my life. I will provide you with all sort of information like my profile, my visa experiences, my academics etc. But please reply me.

    Ajay sir i need your attention. I feel you can judge that where i went wrong in visa. I need specific answers to some questions.

    Any body who feel that he/she can genuinely help me please reply.

    PS: My gf got admit in Illinois State University for term fall 12.

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    One of the things to remember during the visa interview is that always be specific about the question asked. Answer the question directly. Always keep the answers very simple and straight-forward. Always keep a positive attitude.
    Always start with: “A very good morning to you Officer.” And sound very excited and happy when saying it.
    1. Why Mumbai this time?

    During my VISA last year I was undergoing training at Pondicherry at a chemical plant for machine installation so Chennai Consulate was a nearer consulate for me & now I have come back at my native town that’s why I have scheduled appointment at Mumbai.

    2. Why USA?
    Education in US is more practical and research oriented whereas here it is more theoretical. It provides with numerous opportunities in various fields. Moreover student advisors are assigned to each class who lead study sessions.
    3. Which university and why?

    After my undergraduate studies, during my work at "Company's name", I found that I am very much interested in automation which is emerging now-a-days. I need to increase my knowledge by pursuing masters in the field of Mechatronics hence opted to pursue my master’s at " University's Name ". The ____________________ & _______________ lab excites me to go to there. The researches carried out at the University includes researches in _______________________ which is related to my ongoing work in the company in Application Engineering. As per the suggestion of Prof. _______ (Associate Dean & Professor) I have completed 6 months training in the same field to fetch some practical knowledge. So I found it to be best of all admits.

    4. What changes you made in your profile?

    After my graduation I joined _____________, initially I worked in the design department & learned Solid Works which is a mechanical design tool & than started working on shop floor to learn technical details related to the automation of machines & undergone 6 months training in automation & simultaneously acquired managerial skills.

    I worked as an Application Engineer & used to go on sites to measure efficiency & to check out or scrutinize any problems in the working of the machine on sites.

    5. The reason for three visas rejects?
    On the basis of self-evaluation, I think that for my masters not only academics are important but also work experience is required. Getting to know how exactly the industry works, how work is done, is of utmost importance.
    6. If you are working now and are self-sufficient then why are you going to pursue your masters?
    Yes, indeed my current work does pay me to be self-sufficient, but my passion lies in the field of mechatronics. Hence, in order to increase my knowledge and be able to be open to good opportunities in future, pursing my masters is the option.
    7. When did u graduate?
    August 2011 with 1st class from Pune University

    8. What was u doing since then?
    I got placed in my college & after my graduation I joined the company in month & year & working as a _______________ .
    9. Why haven’t you applied to other universities after your rejects?
    Like I said, I want to specialize in the field of mechatronics and the courses offered at ___________ are the best.

    10. Why so less score in GRE or TOEFL?
    The main reason was not managing the Time Properly, which had left me with a very small amount of time to tackle the remaining questions, as a result a fall in GRE Scores.

    11. Any backlogs?
    No Backlogs

    12. Who is going to sponsor your education?
    My parents are my sponsors for my education as well as I will support myself.
    13. How are they going to sponsor your education?
    Explain them about the savings amount that you have, then explain them about the FD’s that you have. The total amount in these should cover up the first year expenses. Then talk about the LIC surrender value in your name and other liquid assets. Also do mention the savings that you have done during your tenure of service.
    As you are supporting yourself tell them about the savings you have made from your salary. Take proof of all such things with you, like salary slips & bank account statement.

    14. What after MS?
    After completing my masters I would like to fetch some professional experience wherever I will get opportunities where I can explore my knowledge there I will like to fetch some professional experience.

    Never say that you will come back because this answer makes them very suspicious. Just say that I would like to take some professional experience, don’t know where/wherever given an opportunity.

    • Remember do not answer as if u have learned the answer …
    • Look into his/her eyes and talk.
    • Pause after every sentence for a second as if you are thinking.
    • Confidence should be high
    • Do or die situation for you, this is the last attempt for you. So make sure u give your 110%.
    • Be calm and composed
    Let me know if you have any more questions!!!!
    ALL THE BEST!!!!

    Why this university?
    The answer should include
    1. Interest in field you are going to pursue
    2. Facilities provided by the university
    3. Really excites me to go there & pursue my masters in ___________
    4. Continuous touch with university for research & learned various courses & looking forward to go over there.

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