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Thread: ms without gre

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    ms without gre

    can any one tell me can we apply for ms without gre... and this can be a problem in visa interview? n plz suggest some good universities which do no require gre...

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    look at below link and you will get all info u need

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    Yes you can get admissions with out GRE but it may be a problem during visa interview ..... as thy may ask you what is your GRE score .

    The following are few universities which doesnt require GRE :

    Stevens Institute Of Technology
    University Of Illinois ,Springfield
    NewYork Institute Of Technology
    Fairfield University
    CityCollege Of NewYork
    Sacred Heart University
    Eastern Illinous University ,Charleston

    These are the universities i know ...but i would suggest you to take GRE atleast for VISA point of view.

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