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Thread: Can i apply for Fall, 2013 ?

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    Smile Can i apply for Fall, 2013 ?

    Hi All,

    My name is Rahul Dutta, undergraduated in Computer science with 82.24% and working professional for 3+ years in Software industry.

    I am appearing for GRE and Toefl exam on the month of April,2013. Please reply me on the following questions.

    1. Though i am appearing GRE and Toefl on April,2013, Can i apply for FALL, 2013 in US
    universities? If yes, kindly mention me what are the universities i can apply.

    2. If i join Spring 2014 in US universities, will it be a disadvantage for me regarding the post MS job
    search? Is there any fact, that job oppurtunities are less(in USA) in spring than fall? Or, in both
    times we can have equal chance of job opportunities.

    Kindly reply me.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Rahul Dutta

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    Taking TOEFL ins April is okay and still have time to apply to Fall 2013, but for low ranked univs. But it is better to step into USA rather than wasting a semester.

    Here is the some info about deadlines. Pls check univ websites for accurate information.
    US Universities Deadlines | Application fee | Tuition | Fee

    Spring or Fall doesn't make difference in Job search.
    For profile evaluation please add your Scores, Academics to your admission profile. If you have already applied please add the univ list. To Edit your profile visit

    University groups. If the univ group you are applying is not listed, please create a group by your own.

    Profile Evaluation for MS, PhD in USA | US University Rankings by Major for MS,PhD

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