My post may sound weird,but please help me out
I have been to UMKC in August,2011. But due to health issues I came back in the same month and joined infosys in december.
I got my Visa for 5yrs i.e til July 2016.
Now I am planning to pursue MS.But there are several questions messing up my mind.I would be thankful if you suggest me the best solutions to them..

1. If I am planning for some other university do I have to go to Visa stamping again else is there any alternative?
2. If I plan for the same university,is the stamping required bcoz the sevis num etc are diff?
Plz suggest me the best solution to the earlist.

Also suggest me the list of colleges(moderate costing and chances of scholarship) suitable for my profile..

GRE: 314(as per the new pattern)
TOEFL:expecting 100+(last time it was 103)
B.Tech % : 81-JNTU Hyd
Dept : CS
Experience : 1yr 2months as of now.As I am planning for fall, it would be 1.5 yrs by the time i apply.

Thanks & Regards,
email id: naresh.eeda3@gmail.com(You can also mail me on this mail id.Thanks in advance.)