I am Anish R from Anna University, Chennai. Here is my brief profile:
Academics: 9.31/10 (at the end of 7 semesters)
GRE : 315/340 (V-147,Q-168,AWA-3.5)
TOEFL: 82/120, IELTS - 7/9
Paper presentation: 2 (in International conferences)

I have applied to the following universities for Fall 13 term (Specialization: ECE- Energy Systems)
1) Univ of Minnesota - got admit also.
2) Univ of Wisconsin-Madison
3) Univ of Texas-Austin
4) Arizona State University
5) Purdue University
6) Calgary, Canada
7) Texas A&M, College Station

Can you please evaluate my profile for chances of funding and mainly please guide me with the procedure for applying to funding in these universities.
For Texas A&M, i have submitted the scholarship form along with the application; so please help me with the procedure for other universities.

Thanks in Advance
Anish R