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Thread: MS biotechnologyin US fall 2013

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    MS biotechnologyin US fall 2013

    im planning to apply for fall 2013
    my gre score is 296 and toefl 95
    aggregate till 6th sem is 65%

    universities applying are

    1) Florida institute of technology (march 15)

    2) School of biological sciences, Illinois state university(jan 31)

    3) San Josť State University

    4) University of Massachusetts Lowell (Master of Science in Biological Sciences - Biotechnology Option ) (feb 15)

    5) University of Houston (cell and molecular) april 1

    6) University of Texas at San Antonio

    plz reply....any one as soon as possible

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    MS in US Fresher
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    Mar 2013

    PhD Biomedical Sciences

    I have GRE scores - V-154,Q-159, A-4 and iBT TOEFL-094.
    M.Sc Biomedical Genetics- CGPA 9.21 3rd rank in program.
    B.Sc 87%
    Work Experience- 10 months
    Academic project- University of Illinois at Chicago-Stem Cells.

    Would you guys suggest schools which would be safe for PhD in Biomedical sciences (Stem Cell concentrate)

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