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Thread: Basic GRE related doubts. Please Help.

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    Please Help. Some basic doubts related to GRE.

    I am planning to give GRE this year( probably in September/October) for Fall 2014 session.
    Please help me sort out these queries.
    1.My CGPA is7.1/10(7th Sem)(Topper has 8.5). I have been reading in blogs, that GPA of at least 3.0 is required in US. And there are so many links on web that state so many different ways to convert CGPA into USGPA( When I tried, one stated mine around 3.5/4.0 and other one 1.7/4.0). So please let me know that if I am even eligible to apply in top universities of US? And if yes please let me know how much approximately it is on scale of 4.
    2.Does anyone knows about some good institute for GRE preparation in Delhi/Ahmedabad?
    3.And I have even heard that, the sooner I give GRE and TOEFL and report my score the better it will be. So what will be the best time to give GRE, if I am applying for FALL'2014?

    Thank You.
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    (1) GPA:

    First of all for calculating GPA you have to consider your CPI..!! not CGP, as its represent only last 2 years score..!
    Lets suppose your CPI is 7.20
    So, your GPA is: (7.20x4.0) / 10 = 2.88

    (2) Good Institutes..?? there is not a such things :P Its only your preparation which will help you to get Good scores in GRE/TOEFL , So you can join any Institute of your convince.

    (3)Best time for FALL 2014, is till November Mid.. i am suggesting you to Give GRE exam in 2nd or 3rd Week of November, as if you failed to get good scores then you can apply again in December

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