GRE - 313 : Quant - 162, Verbal - 151, AWA - 2.5
TOEFL - 106: Read - 28, Listen - 27, Speak - 23, Write - 28
Engineering 7.08 CGPA on 10 scale and have no Backlogs
Intermediate - 85.5%
10th - 76%

Am in my final year of B.Tech and
Want to study Computer Sciences in MS for Fall 2013

Some suggested Universities are:
University of Houston - Main Campus
University of Missouri - Rolla
University of Chicago - Illinois
florida state university
north eastern collorado state university
university of villanova
montana state university

florida state university

My preferred Universities are:
Arizona State University - Arizona
*Arizona not Possible to get, yet I want to try my luck.
George Washington University - Washington, DC
New Jersey Institute of Technology - New Jersey
Louisiana State University - Baton Rouge
Texas Tech University - Texas
university of houston
university of chicago
university of utah

any suggestions plz....
George Washington University
New Jersey Institute of Technology
Louisiana State University
are good options.....
And Texas Tech is a safe side...

any more suggestions or comments or anything, plz help me as you can.