Hi ,
Please evaluate my profile

Topper's CGPA-10
University : BITS Pilani
GRE : 312[Q - 163 V - 149 A - 3.5]
TOEFL : 103

Department applying : EE
Specialization : VLSI

Initial list of universities :
1. University of Southern California
2. Iowa State University
3. Arizona State University
4. University of Pennsylvania
5. Univ of Texas, Dallas
6. Texas A&M Univ
7. Ohio State Univ
8. Oregon State Univ
9. University of California,San Diego
10. University of Massachusetts,Amherst
11. North Carolina State Univ
12.University of Florida
13.San Jose State University
14.University of Cincinnati
15.Auburn University

Papers presented - none
Work Ex- 5 months till now in INFOSYS R&D(work not related to VLSI)
Two term VLSI design (one in analog and another in digital)
Two projects related to image processing and pattern recognition(not much related)
Major Internships:-
1)CMC Ltd-Image processing related
2)RRCAT Indore(D.A.E research center)-Data acquisition circuit for Langmuir probe measurement using TI DSP kit F28069