my profile is
GRE - 1190(450 V 740 Q awa 3.5)
Toefl - 97
CGPA - 6.6
College = St . Jospehs College of Engineering Chennai ( Affilated to Anna University chennai)
Branch= E&I Engineering
Work Experience = i am trying fr job in an embedded based company or any of ma core departments company (hopfully 7 months experience)
FALL 2013
Interest - Ms in EE Embedded systems or digital Electronics

my hopefully colleges are
2. George Mason University
3. Florida Institute of Technology
4.. UTA (Arlington)
5.. Texas A&M Kingsville
6. UNCC Charaolutte
7. California San jose

Guys can u guide me through this ?
can u suggest me should i aim higher or lower ?
can u suggest me some safe colleges for me ?