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Thread: Visa approved first attempt cleveland st univ

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    Visa approved first attempt cleveland st univ

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    My VI was about 90 seconds. He din't check even one document of mine. all my effort on documents gone waste
    A girl before me was granted a visa and this gave me a little confidence

    Visa officer was a guy who never smiled throughout my interview. He Just kept typing and typing all the way
    I constantly tried to maintain eye contact but he only made eye contact only 4 or 5 times
    Remember, I had to put a smile on the face throughout

    My VI went something like this:

    Me: Gd mrng sir ....with a smile on the face
    VO: Gd mrng. pls pass on the documents
    I gave him passport, i20 etc. all pinned together

    VO: When did u passout
    Me: 2012 sir

    VO: Why Cleveland
    Me: I read about Dr.X who did research in embedded systems, which is my area of interest.So I believe that he can help me after going there

    VO: What other colleges u applied for?
    Me: Oklahoma,Sjsu, sunyit, tamuk and Cleveland ....tell full name to VO not shortcuts

    VO: What admits u got from these?
    Me: sunyit, tamuk, Cleveland

    VO: why opting Cleveland over others?
    Me: Sir I checked the ranking of Cleveland on some websites and found that it’s better than sunyit and tamuk

    VO: What’s ur gre
    Me: 305

    VO: What’s your ielts
    Me: 7

    VO: What’s ur %
    Me: 65%

    VO: Any backlogs
    Me: 6

    VO: How can u study in USA when u had 6 bl’s here in
    (i was a bit tensed here and thought he was going to reject me. But it din't show on my face and i maintained my tone)
    Me: Sir I cleared them in first 2 years of he interrupted me....

    VO: No I am asking how can u study in USA when u had 6 bl’s here in, bcoz education in usa is tough
    Me: Sir in 3rd and 4th yr of my I scored good marks, and after that I scored good marks in gre and ielts too, so I have confidence that I can get good score in cleveland st univ also

    VO: Ok, who are sponsoring you?
    Me: My family

    VO: What do ur parents do?
    Me: My father is Xxxx and my mother is Xxxx

    VO: What’s their income?
    Me: They earn around Xxxx per annum

    VO: Cleveland is a cold city, how can u live there? (Oh thanks so much for his concern I thought)
    Me: Not a problem sir, I can adjust

    VO: Ok, I am giving u visa, u can collect ur passport after 2 days
    Me: thank you sir

    I couldn't stand in one place...
    Felt I was very lucky...
    Then took long and quick steps towards the exit and then to my dad waiting outside.
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