my profile is
GRE - 1190(450 V 740 Q awa 3.5)
Toefl - 97
CGPA - 6.6
College = St . Jospehs College of Engineering Chennai ( Affilated to Anna University chennai)
Branch= E&I Engineering
Work Experience = i am trying fr job in an embedded based company or any of ma core departments company (hopfully 7 months experience)
FALL 2013
Interest - Ms in EE Embedded systems or digital Electronics

my hopefully colleges are
1. Colarado State University
2. Indiana Purdue University
3. George Mason University
4. Florida Institute of Technology
5. UTA (Arlington)
6. Texas A&M Kingsville
7. UNCC Charaolutte
8. California San jose

Guys can u guide me through this ?
can u suggest me should i aim higher or lower ?
can u suggest me some safe colleges for me ?