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Thread: Could you please evaluate my profile??

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    Could you please evaluate my profile??


    I am going to apply a graduate schhol of M.S. Electrical Engineering(my interest is communications) on Fall 2012. I am at senior and expect to graduate on June 2012. My GPA is 3.57, GRE is 294 (Q:159, V:135, AW:3.0) and my TOEFL is 79. I had two internships and worked as student assistant at the university laboratory. Here is universities which i want to apply. do i have a chance to be admitted any of these universities? Please inform me

    1-The George Washington University
    2-Northeastern University
    3-University of Delaware
    4-Polytechnic Institute of NYU
    5-Stevens Institude of Technology
    6-Cleveland State University
    7-Northwestern University
    8-Syracuse University

    Thank you

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    1-The George Washington University,,,Reject
    2-Northeastern University..Reject
    3-University of Delaware..Reject
    4-Polytechnic Institute of NYU..Moderate chances of admission
    5-Stevens Institude of Technology. Reject
    6-Cleveland State University..Admit
    7-Northwestern University..Reject

    Apply to Some Safe schools.
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    University groups. If the univ group you are applying is not listed, please create a group by your own.

    Profile Evaluation for MS, PhD in USA | US University Rankings by Major for MS,PhD

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    university request

    Can you please suggest me some universities which i can apply with those scores?

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