My profile is as follows :

Acads : 8.81/10 (Rank 11th in class of 210)
Topper's CPI : 9.6
12th : 92.2%
10th : 94.6% (although I don't think this matters)

University : Dhirubhai Ambani institute of Information and Communication Technology (DA-IICT)

No work experience, am in 4th year of college.

GRE : 331
Verbal : 161 (86%)
Quant : 170 (99%)
AWA : 4 (49%)

TOEFL : 119
Reading : 30
Listening : 30
Speaking : 29
Writing : 30

Applying for : MS in CS with specialization AI (specifically Machine Learning leaning towards Natural Language Processing)

Have no research papers published, am working on one, may be out by next year.
Have done multiple small projects in college.
One major relevant research project in the field of NLP, which is still ongoing (in college with prof.) Has to do with Named Entity Recognition using HMM and CRF, for Hindi. Trying to apply to Gujarati as well. Extension of my Research internship.
One minor relevant project (done with a PhD student) on identifying MWNE (multi-word named entities) using fuzzy algorithms.
Will be starting on my Final Sem project on Machine Learning (specifically application of Artificial Neural Networks) from the coming semester.
Multiple co-curricular activities with awards (have won the NTSE scholarship), and experience of social work.
Decent LORs (2 from profs, 1 from HOD).

List of universities I am considering applying for :

In the US :
1. Univ of Illinois, Urbana Champaign [EDIT : Dropped this]
2. Univ of Maryland, College Park [Applied]
3. Univ of Massachusetts, Amherst [Applied]
4. Univ Pennsylvania
5. Univ of Southern California
6. Univ of Washington
7. Univ of Wisconsin-Madison
8. Princeton University
9. Rutgers state Univ
10. Univ of California, San Diego [EDIT : Dropped this]

In Europe :
1. Univ of Edinburgh
2. University College London
3. University of Lausanne - Switzerland

Please help me evaluate my profile and narrow down which universities to apply for.
I think almost all the ones I have listed may be too ambitious for me (given no research papers/work experience). Please also feel free to suggest universities suitable for my profile.