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Thread: Solve the dilemma plzz

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    Unhappy Solve the dilemma plzz

    Hi guys,
    My 5th sem exams got over and i will start preparing for GRE. Ill take GRE in may. I m in a dilemma about how the universities choose students.. because two of my friends got admitted to very good universities and both had different profiles.

    one joined university of maryland, college park
    * Academics of around 75% in undergrad
    * GRE - 1380
    * He joined telecomm for masters, but his paper was done in networks field.
    So if having a paper in the field we choose for higher studies is important, how did paper in different field give weight-age for this guy?

    one joined university of california, santa barbara..
    * Academics around 81%
    * GRE - 1400
    * He joined image processing for masters and his paper was in that field itself.

    Now, both got good universities but first guy's profile was not as strong as 2nd guy.. So my dilemma is, how is the weight-age given for different aspects during admission? What role does 'LUCK' play in admission??

    I have a paper in image processing field and i m planning to go for signal processing and communication.. My paper is a sub-part of signal processing. So how will it help in admission process?? Extra-curriculars are good. Academics 67% til 4th sem. 5th sem awaiting results. Expecting 75%.

    How important is GRE and TOEFL score apart from all other things?

    Can anyone help me regarding how weightage is given to different aspects in a profile??

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    Hello sankeths,

    I am also a student like u completed my 5th sem, and i m under GRE preparation ! As far as my knowledge paper publication may add a plus point to your profile . I regularly blog a read lot of articals online in order to land up into a good university . According to my knowledge getting into a top notch university i,e top 20 universities in USA . Make your undergrads above 75% aggregate, get GRE score >=320(q=165,v=155). TOEFL>100

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