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Thread: Deadlines, Application fee, Tuition for US University Admissions

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    Post Deadlines, Application fee, Tuition for US University Admissions

    What is the difference between credit hour tution fee and sem fee?


    Name Fee/ Credit Hour Tuition Fee/ Sem Deadline Fall Spring Appl. Fee

    Alabama A and M University $472 $4,249 1-Jun 1-Oct 1-Mar $25

    what is difference between $472 and $4249 ?

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    Hello Kannan

    University name: Alabama A and M University
    Fee per Credit Hour: $472
    Tuition Fee per Semester: $4,249 ( 9 Credit Hours for a semester)
    Deadline Fall: 1st June, Spring: 1st Oct, Summer: 1st Mar
    Application fee: $25

    This is how we need to represent! (I think this is the right way to understand)
    Actually for any US university, a year will have 18 credit hours. 9 Credit hours per semester. Each subject will be given 3 credit hours, and 3 subjects for each semester so that we will have 9 credit hours per semester.
    So, as for Alabama A and M University will ask for $472 per credit hour, complete tuition fee per semester would be $472X9=$4248. This is the exact value of its sem fee. I dont know why it mentioned $1 extra But this is the way we need to observe. All the universities will not mention complete sem fee or complete tuition fee per year, rather they just gives the value for one credit hour. We need to calculate accordingly! I hope you understand everything!


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