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Thread: Will I get my Visa

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    Will I get my Visa

    Hi Everyone,

    I am Karthik from Chennai, I would like to the members to help me out

    I did my Bacherlors in Engineering from Chennai and then I immediately moved to US to do my Masters and after my Masters I came back to India and have been working here for the last 5 years. Now I would like to apply for another Masters in US. My first Masters was in Environmental Engg and Now I intend to do it in Resource Economics and Energy Policy.

    I have spoken to a University and the professors there have been very positive in their response. I am confident that I would get an admit.

    But I am a bit worried about the VISA, do you think there would be any issue since I am applying again for a Masters.

    If any one has had similar experience please help me out


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    You would have to provide ample reason for your change in career

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