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Thread: MS in US in Electrical department

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    MS in US in Electrical department

    My GRE score is 305(V-142,Q-163), Toefl-Still to appear, Accads: 72% in BE(Electronics), 3 yrs experience from MNC in embedded software development. I have sent my GRE score to
    1) California state university, Sacremento
    2) San Jose State University
    3) San Diego State University
    4) University of Texas, Arlington

    Please suggest how good are my chances to get admission and please let me know other good universities which can suit me.

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    1) California state university, Sacremento-mod
    2) San Jose State University- mod/amb
    3) San Diego State University-mod
    4) University of Texas, Arlington-mod

    good chhoices

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    Thank u Karanj...Would it possible for you to tell me how good are the above universities for MS in embedded. Also please let me know some other good universities which i can look into for embedded.

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    Hi Seniors...Looking to ur help.

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    Please refer to following information and create a new thread for proper evaluation !


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    My GRE score is 295(V-141,Q-151), Toefl-81(20,21,20,20), Accads: 75% in BE(Electronics),

    are these universities ok...........
    1) univ of maryland, college park
    2) univ of colorado, boulder
    3) university of texas, arlington
    4) University of Delaware
    5) Arizona State University
    6) southern illinois-carbondale
    7) university of texas-dallas
    8) university of florida-gainsville
    9) univ of colorado-denver

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