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Thread: Is gre of 297 and toefl-97 really shitty?

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    Is gre of 297 and toefl-97 really shitty?

    I have a gre of 297 and toefl of 97 btech 67%

    is this a really bad score?

    My admission counselor has given me a list of 6 pathetic universities for fall 2013
    iit chicago
    university of central florida
    csu, chico
    new jersey institute of technology
    university of houston, main campus

    i know imma senior on this site but still i need help in this regard

    i know i'll get admits from all of them, but i need four ambitious universities for my profile, my counselor has given me these universities bcoz they just want earn money and they want to make sure their student gets an admit into one of the low ranked university...

    Please help all the other seniors and the administrator

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    Hello danielynch

    IIT Chicago, university of central florida, nyu-poly, university of houston, main campus are good universities only. These are not pathetic! Sorry to say, but the truth is, you have less chances of getting admit from these four.
    One my friends had got IIT Chicago. His profile as follows: Gre-313, Toefl-104, B tech- 74(0 repeats). He got admit., that too with low funding! I think you can understand how the university gives admit.
    CSU, Chico and new jersey institute of technology are some what low graded universities, when compared to remaining 4 in your list! You can get admit from these 2 universities!!
    You had somewhat low Gre and an average B Tech percentage.

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    hey satya thanks for replying

    u mean to to say that the four univ that i have mentioned are good?

    so if i get an admit from any one of them, i shud take it?
    if i have to choose from these four..then which one shud i take up?

    i have two years of work ex as well and a couple of extra curricular certificates also.

    what about you mate? what do u do?
    what is ur prfile?

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