I completed my U.G in mechanical engineering this year(may 2012) and planning to apply for industrial engineering for fall 2013.My CGPA is 8.2 with no backlogs.I have a very low GRE score of 295 (153Q and 142V).i havent taken toefl yet.I got placed in an IT company last year and my date of joining is only in march 2013.I'm confused whether or not to join the job in march because it doesn't have any relation to my UG course or the course i'm planning to apply for...I'm jobless now and preparing for my toefl. How will this gap in studies affect my visa? should i find a job related to my field of study for these 8-9 months or join the IT company.I'm so apprehensive of letting off the offer of employment in march,as they offer good pay.In case if my visa gets rejected i wouldnt have a job at hand.