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Thread: Profile evaluation- pls help

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    Profile evaluation- pls help

    Hi Guys
    Need ur lil help !

    Applying for Fall 2013

    GRE 309 : Quants - 161 , Verbal -148
    TOEFL in next week

    1.5 Yrs Work Ex as an Asst Manager at Cummins .
    Computer Science Engineer from BITS -Pilani , Dubai 7.71/10

    Applying for Engg Management / MiM /MiS in -

    University of Southern California (Viterbi)
    University of California--Irvine (Samueli)
    University of Washington
    Texas A&M University--College Station (Look)
    Johns Hopkins University (Whiting)
    University of Florida
    University of Illinois--Urbana-Champaign
    University of Texas at Austin

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    Hi, with such a strong profile, have you considered an MBA, which will be a solid management degree? I am not sure how Eng Mgmt will be looked upon in India, but if looking for career opportunities in US, you need to compete with MBAs, and MS (IE) grads. If you still want to pursue Eng Mgmt, I will strongly advise to stick to the top 20 programs which will give you access to the job market in the current economy. Also prefer "industry oriented" programs rather than research oriented, unless you want to go towards PhD. You can also look for a non-MBA Master's program offered by a business school. Good luck!!

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    AM In my final year now. Going to take GRE this sept. am intersted in doin MS In Power systems. cos wenever i search for it, most of schools include electrical and computing in the same programme. how to start classifying the universities? . need some help! i need 2 knw the universities for MS in Power SYstems which do nt involve any computing courses!!

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