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Thread: ms fall 2013 in mechanical

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    ms fall 2013 in mechanical

    please mr cherukari reply to this thread

    i am confused whether to give gre again or not.
    my cgpa is 6.2 (with my college rules it is around 57%)
    any conversion from 10 point scale to 4 point ?? a lot of confusion about conversion. some say i can not get admission,some say i can get.
    i have four Fs in subjects but i have cleared them in good grades.
    for calculating on WES which grades to provide the cleared ones or with f grades. ???

    8-9 months experience in mechanical
    three major projects done.
    gre score 309
    146 v 163 Q AWA-3

    toefl expecting 89 R-25 L-17 S-22 W-25

    i am going to apply for 4 universities for MS in Mechanical
    Please provide universities to apply. including safe schools,
    preferably in Michigan,new jersey, new york,Illinois,California.

    is there any fellowships,scholarships that i can apply ???
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