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Thread: GRE-320,3.0 || TOEFL-113 || 61% MU || MS Embedded Systems

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    Lightbulb GRE-320,3.0 || TOEFL-113 || 61% MU || MS Embedded Systems

    My profile:
    GRE 320 = Q 162 (86% percentile) - V 158 (77%) - AWA 3

    TOEFL 113
    Reading 28, Listening 30, Speaking 27, Writing 28

    UG 61% (3 backlogs in first year) B.E. Electronics Engineering, topper was around 80%, Ramrao Adik Institute of Technology, Mumbai University. Finished college in May 2012.

    I want to pursue an MS in embedded systems with a good mix of both h/w and s/w courses.

    Since 2months++ , I have been working with senior Prof. in his company Ctech Labs, IIT B , Industrial Design , which makes LED lighting products. I have been working on control circuits, drivers and power sources for new products.
    I am also working on Cypress PSoC3 kits for a Startup company.

    My final year project was on Solar Panel Performance Monitoring system, under L&T Automation. I have done several projects in my undergrad.
    I have also submitted a paper based on final year project in a conference.

    I have participated in many technical fests in college, was a part of IEEE student branch, also have attended many relevant workshops.

    I have completed Summer training and internship at ThinkLabs, SINE,IIT Bombay.

    I would like to apply to 12 universities.
    I want to have a little ambitious list Getting admits from even 2 will be fine

    please give your valuable opinions on my list. Feel free to add / subtract any universities as you see fit for Embedded Systems.

    . Univ of Pennsylvania
    . Univ of California Santa Barbara
    . Univ of California San Diego
    . Pennsylvania State Univ
    . Univ Maryland - College Park
    . North Carolina State Univ

    . Univ of California - Irvine

    . Arizona State Univ
    . Vanderbilt univ
    . Univ of Colorado Boulder
    . Univ of Massachusetts Amherst
    . Iowa State

    Looking forward to your suggestions.

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    Univ of Pennsylvania - v.amb
    . Univ of California Santa Barbara - v.amb
    . Univ of California San Diego - v.amb
    . Pennsylvania State Univ - amb
    . Univ Maryland - College Park - amb
    . North Carolina State Univ - mod
    . Univ of California - Irvine - mod
    . Arizona State Univ - safe
    . Vanderbilt univ - amb
    . Univ of Colorado – Boulder - amb
    . Univ of Massachusetts Amherst - amb/mod
    . Iowa State - amb

    Your backlogs might hurt your otherwise fine profile.

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    Thank you so much dear pHacidic
    A very prompt reply from your side

    Should I go ahead with applying to these universities ?
    I have purposely not included Safe ones as I want to go to a reputed Univ else I'll get some relevant work exp and apply next year. Is this a sound decision ?

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    Well, you may proceed with this list, your profile is good enough to get into any of above colleges, but for your backlogs, can't be certain how much that will affect.

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    thanks pHacidic for your review
    I'm more confident applying now !

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