GRE- 311 (quants:159,Verbal:152, AWA :2.5)
TOEFL- Yet to Give.

I had completed my B.Tech in Food Technology with C.G.P.A of 8.62 (out of 10).
Publications - 2.
Currently working in TCS and will complete 1 year in decemeber,2012.
I am interested in both masters and phd program .

For Bioengineering/ Biomedical Engineering Program, I have shortlisted
1.University of Bridgeport(Masters),
2.University of Cincinnati(Masters),
3.University of Connecticut, Ohio(phd),.
4.University of Toledo(phd),
5.Florida Institute of Technology(Phd),
6,NorthEastern University(Phd in Bioengineering)

and Vanderbilt University for Chemical and Biomolecular program.

So, could you please tell about my chances of admission with scholarship in the above universities for fall 2013.?Also whether my shortlisted universities match my profile or not?