My scores are as follows:

GRE- 310(V-153, Q-157)
TOEFL- 108(R-26, L-30, S-24, W-28)
B Tech- 73.06%

Xth - 89.2%
XII - 64.8%

My extracurricular and academics merits are:

1. I assisted my professor and Dean of my college in conducting a course during my third year.I took few tutorials and practicals for 2nd year students.

2. I did my internship at IBM India, Bangalore for 2 months

3. I was Chairman of BKBIET ACM student chapter-ACM is the world biggest and most prominent computer science organization based in US.I have certificate of appreciation for my tenure from ACM US.

4. My team qualified for ACM ICPC asia regionals round for two consecutive years(2010-2011)-ICPC is the worlds biggest coding competition

5. I did three projects-two as part of curriculum and one during internship.All the projects are softwares and are very unique.

6. I am also ACM International member since 2010.

7. I presented a paper cum powerpoint presentation during school

8. I have organized various competitions during college technical festivals

9. I have also participated and won many competitions during college and school.

Universities interested to apply:

I have shrtlisted following universities:

1. University of Michigan.
2. Ohio State University.
3. North Caroline state University.
4. University of Pennsylvania(UPenn).
5.Rutgers, the state university of New Jersey.
6.State University of New York, SUNNY Stony Brook.
7.State University of New York, SUUNY Buffalo.
8.University of Colorado at Boulder.
9.University of Texas, Austin.
10.University of Florida.
11. Iowa State University.

Please help me in evaluating mu profile.

Also I would like to know which other good universities can I look based on my profile.