I would like to apply for Master's in Computer Engineering

I graduated in Telecommunication Engineering from RVCE Bangalore (Autonomous under VTU) in 2011 with an aggregate GPA of 9.35/10.
The topper's GPA - 9.5/10.

GRE Score : 312 [150-V 44 percentile, 162-Q 86 percentile and 3.5 AWA ]
TOEFL Score : 114 [R-28, L-28, S-29, W-29]
Work experience would be 2 yrs by Fall'13

Work Experience and Projects

•Have been working in Thoughtworks Technologies as an application developer since Aug 2011.
• Project on Design and implementation of Quadrifilar He*** antenna for GPS application in ISRO (final semester project 2011)
• Design and implementation of secrecy in parallel telephones using 8051 micro controller and RIDE software for simulation(2010)
• Project on Design of high efficiency power amplifiers (2009-10)
• A 3 month course in Oracle 9i-SQL and Java Programming Language from NIIT,Bangalore


• Fest organizer in college in the year 2011
• Presented 3 papers in national conferences conducted by IEEE on the three projects done
• Was a member of the IEEE in 2010-11
• Participated in the National Aptitude Test conducted by NIIT and got first rank in state and 19th rank at the national level

Universities that I am considering for application are:

1. USC
2. Columbia University
4. Ohio State University
7. SUNY - Stony Brook
8.Georgia Institute of technology
9.University of Illinois,Chicago
10.Arizona State University

Please evaluate my profile and also suggest universities that you consider appropriate for my profile that I may have missed out.