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Thread: Fall 2013|MS VLSI or EE|GRE 310(Q 158 V 152 AWA 3.5)|TOEFL 111 |UG 90% ECE|PTU

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    Fall 2013|MS VLSI or EE|GRE 310(Q 158 V 152 AWA 3.5)|TOEFL 111 |UG 90% ECE|PTU

    Hi Everyone.

    I would need you to assist me in the selection of the universities. I'd be giving my Toefl soon and then would start the application process. However I'm a bit confused in getting to list down the universities that I should be applying for based on my scores.

    My Profile

    GRE - 310
    Verbal: 152
    Quant: 157
    AWA: 3.5
    ----------- (In ECE) Percentage:
    High School: 84%
    Class 12th: 87% (do the universities look into these scores?)
    I carry 3 years of work ex in IT (Infosys) and 6 months research experience in Defence Research Development Organization of India (DRDO) in MEMS technology. I had presented my research paper at various college level technical fests and had won accolades.

    Projects include: Research project on MEMS Series switches and their fabrication at RF for radars and antennas used for defence org purposes. Electronic Nose - a gas sensing project as part of Final year. Metro Train prototype done at STEP IIT roorkee, Obstacle sensing robot. Also a number of software projects in Dotnet(not sure how relevant they'd be for applying for MS in EE)

    Have won accolades in co-curricular activities as well throughout the school and college tenure. Associated with NGOs like MAD(make a diff) now as an English Teaching volunteer and Also assist in social work through my organization at various events.

    Universities I'm looking forward to apply for:
    I have sent scores to the following four univs as part of GRE test fee

    University of Southern California /Viterbi School of Engg
    New York Inst Technology - (provided this name in the list of four during my GRE/Not sure how this college is)

    Others I'm interested in:

    Texas A&M-College Station
    Ohio State
    Arizona State
    Columbia University
    Georgia Tech Atlanta
    University of Florida

    Also can you give me idea on the following universities or anyother that are better in VLSI/EE and suit my profile

    University of Kansas
    Auburn University
    Iowa State University
    NYU Poly
    Washington State University
    University of Arizona
    Northeastern University
    University of Nebraska--Lincoln
    Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
    University of Texas--Arlington
    Case Western Reserve University

    Can you please classify the above universities as amb/moderate/safe. And also suggest me some other universities that you think can be included because they are safe or good more so for placements after.

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    You have a decent profile. But you need to convince the universities for change of field in SOP.
    Acads are very strong and you must not delay to go for MS in EE as value of acads may fade away.
    Universities don't look for Class 12 marks.
    Considering your list:
    University of Southern California /Viterbi School of Engg- safe
    Cornell- very ambitious
    CMU - ambitious (u shud try definitely)
    New York Inst Technology -dun noe either
    Texas A&M-College Station- amb
    NCSU -moderate
    Ohio State- lower moderate/safe
    Arizona State-safe
    Columbia University-upper moderate
    Georgia Tech Atlanta- amb
    SJSU -safe
    University of Florida- safe
    Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute- moderate
    Northeastern- low moderate/safe
    Rest all are safe. Please stick to not more than 10 universities from now on. Your list is huge. For swift replies, narow down your list to not more than 10 universities.
    All the best.

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