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Thread: Gre: 308,4.5 || toefl : 92 || cgpa : 8.02 || vlsi

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    Question Gre: 308,4.5 || toefl : 92 || cgpa : 8.02 || vlsi

    Under Grad CGPA :8.02 from Indira Gandhi Institute Of Tech (BPUT)-Autonomous Govt collg of Odisha
    XII-88.4 %
    X- 91.8 %
    No Papers published, currently in Final Year
    One Project undergoing(mini)- Genome Signal Processing
    Please rate my chances out of the following univs:
    U Penn
    Boston Univ
    SUNY, Buffalo
    Washington Univ, st. louis
    Univ of Florida
    Ohio state Univ
    Univ of Iowa
    Univ of Illinois, chicago
    Kansas State Univ
    Rutgers, SUNJ,New brunswick
    Kindly let me know as it is urgent.....

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    U Penn - v.amb
    Boston Univ - amb
    SUNY, Buffalo - amb/mod
    Washington Univ, st. louis - amb
    Univ of Florida - amb
    Ohio state Univ - amb
    Univ of Iowa - mod
    Univ of Illinois, chicago - mod
    Kansas State Univ - mod/safe
    Rutgers - amb/mod

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    Thank you...that helps me somewhat....
    I am going to apply to 4 univs. Please guide me in what groups I should apply- as if for how many colleges in each group. Wud it be sensible enough to apply to some ambi univs or shud I stick to mod nd safe or just safe ??? If possible can you suggest some as I have very little time left.....
    Here is another probable list concentrated with state univs....Please help me as soon you can....
    Oklahoma State Univ
    Univ of Rochester
    Colorado State Univ
    New Mexico State Univ
    Oregon State Univ

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    pls help me out,
    my profile is as follows
    Gre-305 verbal-147,quants-158,awa-3.0
    academics-65%(upto 6th semester)
    other activities:
    Research assistantship under my professor based on image processing;
    three paper presentations;
    two internships having a reco from one of the firms;

    my list of unvis are:
    university of texas,dallas
    okklahoma state university,still water
    university of texas,arlington
    university of sunny buffalo
    florida state university
    university of cincinati
    university of colarado,denver
    arizona state university
    clarkson university ,newyork

    please help me select 8 frm the above 10 .thanks in advance for the reply.


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