My name is Abhinav Singh and my profile is:
Gre-306 160q 146v AWA-3.0
Toefl- Given(expecting 100+)
10th - 78%
12th - 75%
Grad Percentage - 68%(Mumbai University)
GPA - 3.75/4.0(By WES conversion)
No work experience or IEEE papers
Decent extra curricular and certifications.
Decent SOP and LOR's.
I have made the following list. It follows:

1.State University of New York (SUNY)- Stony Brook
2.University of Arizona
4.University of Southern California-Viterbi (USC)
5.University of Colorado - Boulder
6.State University of New York (SUNY) - Buffalo
7.University of California - Davis
8.Georgia Tech
9.Rutgers State University - New Brunswick
10.Indiana University at Bloomington (IUB)
11.Ohio State University
12.Syracuse University
13.University of Pittsburgh
14.Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
15. John Hopkins univ.
16. NEU
17. RIT
18. Iowa state univ
19. NCSU
20. UIC
21. UNC-Chapel hill
22. UFL
23. Boston Univ.
24.University of Rochester
25.UC-Santa Cruz
26.Arizona State University (ASU)
28.University of Virginia
29.Univ. of Minnesota-Twin cities

I want to do MS in computer science and want to select 12 univ from this list.
So please help.