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Thread: Please Evaluate My profile

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    Please Evaluate My profile

    Hello Seniors,

    I would like you to evaluate my profile for MS in ECE.

    GRE score -
    317(Q161 V156 AWA 3.5)

    TOEFL- 97

    UG - 68.4% (B.E in Telecommunication Engg from VTU karnataka)
    12th Grade - 86.82%
    10th Grade - 85.92%

    My project in my final year was "Unmanned Ground Vehicle" in which i was controlling a car by sending commands from PC. The car was mounted with video camera and Transreceiver,so that i can live stream the data to the PC.

    I have 15 months of working experience.I was working on embedded project for Airbus.
    I know the computer languages C,C++ and java.I also know Linux,testing tools like QTP,Winrunner.

    I am going to apply for FALL 2013.

    Please let me known which all universities should i apply and also if you could guide me regarding which specilization to select.I am confused between Embedded systems, Control system and Signal Processing.Please let me know asap.

    Thank you,

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