My profile:

X: 90%

XII: 85%

B.Tech: 72% ( No Backlogs )

GRE Score: Q: 154 | V: 136 | AWA: 3.5

TOEFL Score: 81 || R: 20 | L: 19 | S: 24 | W: 18

Retaking TOEFL on Dec 15, expected score : 90+

Planning to apply among the following universities for Fall-2013 / MS in CS

  1. Northern Illinois University
  2. IIT Chicago
  3. George Mason University
  4. Michigan Technological University
  5. Rochester Institute of Technology
  6. Syracuse University
  7. Binghamton University -State University of NY
  8. University of Colorado Boulder
  9. University of North Carolina, Charlotte (UNCC)
  10. Northeastern University, Boston (NEU)

Please do shortlist few universities from the above and suggest few other universities suitable for my profile.

Few queries:

  • Can I send the transcripts, lors, sops and other docs electronically?
  • If no, can I send the packets to the universities before I get my TOEFL score?
  • As I've reported my scores to 4 universities during my GRE/TOEFL exam, can I send packets to those universities and inform them not to consider my old scores?
  • How is the admission process done? Will they wait till the deadline or start processing as soon as they receive packets?
  • Planning to retake GRE during Jan first week. Is it too late to give GRE during Jan?

Thanks in advance.!