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Thread: GRE-309 q-161 v-148 ll BE(EXTC)-62.8% ll VLSI

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    GRE-309 q-161 v-148 ll BE(EXTC)-62.8% ll VLSI

    i am planning to apply for MS in electrical engineering with major in VLSI.
    i dont knw how to calculate GPA.IELTS result is awaited.expecting atleast7.
    My academic record is
    mini project-1
    1 final year project
    have presented 2 technical papers on the project
    have been an active member of the IEEE council of the college and organization commitee of tech fest
    I have selected the following colleges.please rate them in terms of ambitious,moderate and safe
    1)University of southern california,LA(viterbi)
    2)University of texas,Austin
    3)Virginia Tech,Blacksburg
    4)North Carolina State university,Raleigh
    5)Ohio state university,columbus
    6)University of Washington,Seattle, WA
    7)syracuse university

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    1)University of southern california,LA(viterbi) - v.amb
    2)University of texas,Austin - v.amb
    3)Virginia Tech,Blacksburg - v.amb
    4)North Carolina State university,Raleigh - amb
    5)Ohio state university,columbus - amb
    6)University of Washington,Seattle, WA - amb
    7)syracuse university - mod

    Do proper initial research and for GPA ask your University for the same.

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    what is your take on the following universities
    univ of florida
    State univ of new york,buffalo
    univ of illinois,chicago
    univ of arizona
    univ of virginia
    univ of texas,dallas
    univ of colorado,boulder
    univ of pennsylvania
    IOWA state univ
    boston univ

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    univ of florida - amb
    State univ of new york,buffalo - mod
    univ of illinois,chicago - amb/mod
    univ of arizona - mod/safe
    univ of virginia - mod
    univ of texas,dallas - mod/safe
    univ of colorado,boulder - amb
    univ of pennsylvania - v.amb
    IOWA state univ - amb
    boston univ - amb

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