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Thread: Admission process

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    Admission process

    hello everyone,

    I m a applying for MS in Computer Science in USA.
    what all the steps for the admission process??

    got my gre score (311).
    had done with the SOP.

    Which all documents other than this are required for applying..
    And Can anyone telll the steps for applying,???

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    I hope im not too late answering this thread.
    Well complete 3 LOR in letter head and get it sealed in your college envelope
    Then prepare your CV which is the easiest
    Fill online applications.
    Transcripts from your universities.
    Additional documents if mentioned(eg- picture page of passport,etc)
    Send them through DHL= only 1200 rs per university
    Send TOEFL/IELTS and GRE scores online through ETS

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