Hi ,

Can someone kindly evaluate my profile?

Following is my profile:
GRE :316 Quants : 163 Verbal:153
B.E(VTU) : 82%(Electronics and Comm)(Topper:86%)
Work Experience: Will have 3 Yrs of experience as a software developer by next Fall. Have worked on wireless networks, RF network stack, network routing algorithms, network security like AES encryption, CCM encryption-decryption, etc. Also on embedded system, light sensors, remote monitoring and control of networks,etc.

12th: 92%
10th: 93%

Final year project related to networking

I did my B.E in Electronics and comm.

Interested to pursue MS in Computer Science with a focus on Networking.

Below are the list of Univ I am planning to apply :
(Since I am not in a position to take huge loans, I am looking at getting some kind of financial aid/assistance from the univ at the time of admit.)

1. North Carolina State University
2. Texas A&M
3. Stony Brook
4. University Of Florida
5. Iowa State University
6. Univ Of Boulder Colorado
7. University of Massachusetts--Amherst
8. Arizona State University

Please note that funding is a top priority for me. I included University of Massachusetts since I saw that they have good funding chances for MS.

Also it would be really helpful if any other univ that matches my profile is suggested.

Kindly provide feedback on my university list. Which ones would be ambi/safe for my profile?