Please evaluate my profile & suggest appropriate universities for me for MS in CS

Also any guidance on how to shortlist the universities would help a lot!

My profile is

Academics - 57.5% with 9 backlogs under JNTU Hyderabad
GRE - 300 [ V - 153, Q - 147 ]
TOEFL - 101

Academic project on Information Systems
5 Paper presentations
2 month internship at a start up firm
Work Certificate at NGO

Also would the low academic GPA and backlogs be a big issue for me during the visa?

Some of the universities I have in mind are:

University of North Texas at Denton
University of Texas at Dallas
George Mason University, VA
University of Texas at Arlington
Rochester Institute of Technology
University of Connecticut
IIT Chicago
NIU Northern IL University
Stevens Inst of Technology
University of Massachusetts at Darthmouth
Old Dominion University

Any new additions are welcome.

Thank you in advance